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New Search Tools For Our Blog!

28 Mar

We’ve added some great tools for finding information on our blog. On the right side of the page, you’ll not only see links to Archived Posts but also a Search For Posts field and a list of Topics.

Unfortunately, due to a bug with the old blog, we haven’t been able to move the old posts over… At least not yet. So for right now, the new search tools only work with posts from March 2010 forward. (We hope to eventually be able to move the old posts to the new blog.)

If you have any questions, just ask! We hope you like the changes! :)


Welcome To Our New Blog!

27 Mar

Well, it’s been a long couple of months with no posts. We’ve been working on getting our blog moved, because Google is discontinuing support for FTP through blogger. However, the migration tool hasn’t been working, and we’re not convinced that Blogger’s going to continue to work for us in the long-run… So we made the decision to move to WordPress and just move to a new address to ensure that we don’t lose any old content in the migration.

You can still see past posts and comments at our old address.

We don’t have all the links on the Twin Squeaks site updated for our blog’s new address yet. We’ll be working on it, but please bookmark this page in the meantime. We’ll also be working on sprucing up the new blog a bit… so it has the familiar gerbil photos and banner that you’re used to seeing at the top of the page. Be patient. We have a lot of things to move and edit as part of this process.