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A Belated Welcome To Keegan & Koren!

13 Jun

Keegan (left) and Koren (right)

Keegan (left) and Koren (right)

I’ve been very slow posting this news, but in addition to Ryan and Sheldon, we had a couple other residents move to Twin Squeaks in May!

Keegan is Herman’s son and Sebastian’s littermate. And Koren is Keegan’s son. So they were already part of our extended family before they came to live here this summer.

Why have I been so slow to write about Keegan and Koren? Well, there’s been a lot of drama here over the past month and a half. First, Keegan developed an ear infection on his way from Kentucky to Twin Squeaks. He also has a couple of teeth that aren’t very healthy and had broken… causing his other teeth to become overgrown. So Keegan went to the vet his first day here. He was on antibiotics, ear drops, and eye drops for his ear/eye infection for several weeks.

In addition, he’s been having periodic tooth trimmings, because one of his broken teeth is not growing back in… causing one of the bottom teeth to get too long. (If you ever notice weight loss in one of your gerbils, one of the first things you should do is check their teeth! Make sure that the top and bottom teeth are even and that none are overgrown or broken. Also, healthy rodent teeth should be yellow; white teeth are more brittle and may be a sign of a health issue.)

Keegan as a pup with his brother, our beloved Sebastian

Keegan as a pup with his brother, our beloved Sebastian

Because of his tooth trouble and ear infection, Keegan had lost quite a bit of weight by the time he moved here. I’m happy to report that over the course of 5 1/2 weeks, he has put on 18g! He’s very healthy now!

Shortly after we discovered Keegan’s tooth trouble, we inspected Ryan’s teeth and found that he had a broken tooth and an overgrown tooth. Keegan and Ryan are not related, but they both grew up in the same place around the same time… My vet suspects it was a nutritional deficiency in the water, but we will probably never know for sure why they have weak teeth. So then we were busy medicating/caring for two gerbils.

Ryan’s teeth are even now, and his latest vet check went well. He’s put on almost 10g since his upper incisor first broke, so he’s on the mend as well.

I kept wanting to write about Keegan and Koren, because I’ve been very anxious to tell everyone about them! But I was so busy with antibiotics and eardrops, giving soft/liquid foods, etc. that it was hard to find the time that I usually devote to the blog. During that time period, we also lost our senior gerbil Grace after a long battle with an abdominal cyst. I’ve also had some of my own non-gerbil issues I’ve been working through recently, so my time online has been limited. (To everyone who has emailed me and not received an answer, I apologize. I’m gradually working my way through my email, but I am quite behind at the moment.)

I’m going to be out of town for work for a few days this week, but Jason will be taking good care of the gerbils while I’m gone. I hope to have more time to keep up with the blog, fill everyone in on the latest gerbil news, make some much-needed (and much-delayed) site updates, and catch up on email.

I’m really looking forward to having more time to share photos and stories about Keegan and Koren, as well as the rest of the gerbils here at Twin Squeaks!