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New England Gerbil Show Article

02 May

The Nashua Telegraph ran an article about the New England Gerbil Show that was in New Hampshire this weekend. (There are several photos that accompany the story. The last one is of my late gerbil Buster at the 2007 Midwest Show.)

This is the first time since 2006 that I’ve missed a New England Show! I’m anxiously awaiting results and will post when I know more.


Food Pantry for Pets in Ohio

11 Apr

I read an article earlier this week about a couple who runs a food pantry for pets in Ohio. They accept pet food for most types of pets, including gerbils.

It’s an interesting idea, because many animals are surrendered to shelters because the owners were no longer able to afford to pay for food and other basic services for their pets. A service like this food pantry might be just the thing to help people be able to care for their pets until they get back on their feet?

If you’re in Ohio and are interested in making a donation of pet food to the People Care Pet Pantry, please read the article in the Record-Courier or visit the People Care Pet Pantry Web site for more information about dropbox locations.


Oxygen Masks For Pets In Sarasota County, Florida

04 Apr

I stumbled across this article about how the fire inspector in Sarasota County, Florida is working to ensure that all emergency-response vehicles have oxygen masks designed to fit pets.

I’ve heard of these before, but what’s unique about this story is that each set of oxygen masks includes several sizes, even one that will work for gerbils. Click here for the story.


Pet Photo Contest In Central Pennsylvania

28 Mar

If you live in Central Pennsylvania and would like to enter a photo of your gerbils in a photo contest, head over to the Patriot-News Web site.

The newspaper is encouraging photos not only of dogs and cats, but also of pets such as gerbils!