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Featured Rescue Gerbil: Olivia

18 Sep

Olivia the Gerbil


Today’s featured rescue gerbil is Olivia, a lovely young agouti female who is at Small Pets-Big Hearts in Cheektowaga, New York.

If you can help Olivia and her sister Casey find a new home, please visit Olivia’s Petfinder page.


Featured Rescue Gerbil: Hazelnut

30 May

Hazelnut, available for adoption at Morris Animal Refuge

Hazelnut, available for adoption at Morris Animal Refuge

UPDATE: Hazelnut has been adopted!

Today’s Featured Rescue Gerbil is Hazelnut, a handsome Burmese gerbil who is at Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hazelnut’s owners had to move and couldn’t take him with them.


Featured Rescue Gerbils: Sugar & Spice

17 Apr

Sugar & Spice the gerbils

Sugar & Spice the gerbils

UPDATE: Sugar & Spice are no longer looking for a home.

The new Featured Rescue Gerbils are Sugar & Spice, who are at My Hope’s In You Small Animal Rescue.

According to their Petfinder page, they are both very tame and friendly. They’re used to handling by a 10-year-old at the rescue, and they are happy to take treats from your hand.

Sugar and Spice are in Poughkeepsie, New York.


Featured Rescue Gerbil: Stella

03 Apr
Stella from Small Angels Rescue

Stella from Small Angels Rescue

Meet Stella, a beautiful black gerbil who is waiting at Small Angels Rescue to find a home.

Small Angels has tried to pair Stella up using the split-cage method, but she hasn’t wanted to accept a friend. Since Stella is living alone, she will need someone to adopt her who can give her lots of extra time and attention.

Stella looks like a real sweetheart, and it would be great to see her go to a home where she can get lots of attention and love. If you’re in the Frederick, Maryland area and can help Stella find a home, please visit Stella’s Petfinder page.

UPDATE: As of May 30th, Stella is still looking for a home!


Featured Shelter Gerbil: Chip

27 Mar



Meet Chip, an adorable black gerbil that we saw on Petfinder. Chip is currently at the Bay Area Humane Society in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

If you live in the area, can you help this sweet little boy with such an inquisitive, friendly face find a home?

NOTE: As of May 30th, Chip is no longer looking for a home.