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Irritated Gerbils Here Tonight!

17 Apr
Bach and Smurf in a split tank

Bach and Smurf in a split tank

We have a couple of unhappy gerbils here tonight. Bach and Smurf moved into a split tank together this evening, and as expected, they are less than thrilled with each others’ presence. :-D

At first, they were each happy to explore their new surroundings… Then they noticed each other…

They both met at the divider. Smurf started stomping his feet madly, and Bach puffed up to about three times his normal size. (I had no idea that little Bach could look so large!)

The boys have settled down some now. They’re both chewing on toilet paper tubes and mostly ignoring each other.

Wish us luck. It would be great if we could get these two boys together since they both lost their tankmates earlier this year. I think they’d make an adorable pair, too. Now we cross our fingers and hope that their personalities don’t clash and that we can have a successful split-cage introduction in a couple weeks!


Featured Rescue Gerbils: Sugar & Spice

17 Apr

Sugar & Spice the gerbils

Sugar & Spice the gerbils

UPDATE: Sugar & Spice are no longer looking for a home.

The new Featured Rescue Gerbils are Sugar & Spice, who are at My Hope’s In You Small Animal Rescue.

According to their Petfinder page, they are both very tame and friendly. They’re used to handling by a 10-year-old at the rescue, and they are happy to take treats from your hand.

Sugar and Spice are in Poughkeepsie, New York.


Marco & Polo are now 2 years old!

17 Apr
Marco the gerbil at 2 years old

Marco the gerbil at 2 years old

Polo the gerbil at 2 years old

Polo the gerbil at 2 years old

Marco and Polo just turned two years old a little over a week ago.

They’re both doing great!

I wanted to share a couple photos I took of them last weekend. I couldn’t get them to pose together, but I did get a couple of nice photos of them separately. :)

Marco and Polo have always had the nicest, softest fur, and it’s stayed that way, even as they’ve entered middle age.

A bit of a side note here, but I would like to give Marco and Polo something new and fun for their tank.

Maybe someone here has a great idea for a new way to spruce up their tank a bit?

They’re having a blast burrowing in Eco-Bedding, playing with chew toys, and destroying cardboard.

I’d just like to find something new that they haven’t had before.

Anyone have a new, fun (and safe) idea for something I could add to their tank?


Food Pantry for Pets in Ohio

11 Apr

I read an article earlier this week about a couple who runs a food pantry for pets in Ohio. They accept pet food for most types of pets, including gerbils.

It’s an interesting idea, because many animals are surrendered to shelters because the owners were no longer able to afford to pay for food and other basic services for their pets. A service like this food pantry might be just the thing to help people be able to care for their pets until they get back on their feet?

If you’re in Ohio and are interested in making a donation of pet food to the People Care Pet Pantry, please read the article in the Record-Courier or visit the People Care Pet Pantry Web site for more information about dropbox locations.


Oxygen Masks For Pets In Sarasota County, Florida

04 Apr

I stumbled across this article about how the fire inspector in Sarasota County, Florida is working to ensure that all emergency-response vehicles have oxygen masks designed to fit pets.

I’ve heard of these before, but what’s unique about this story is that each set of oxygen masks includes several sizes, even one that will work for gerbils. Click here for the story.


Featured Rescue Gerbil: Stella

03 Apr
Stella from Small Angels Rescue

Stella from Small Angels Rescue

Meet Stella, a beautiful black gerbil who is waiting at Small Angels Rescue to find a home.

Small Angels has tried to pair Stella up using the split-cage method, but she hasn’t wanted to accept a friend. Since Stella is living alone, she will need someone to adopt her who can give her lots of extra time and attention.

Stella looks like a real sweetheart, and it would be great to see her go to a home where she can get lots of attention and love. If you’re in the Frederick, Maryland area and can help Stella find a home, please visit Stella’s Petfinder page.

UPDATE: As of May 30th, Stella is still looking for a home!