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Featured Rescue Gerbil: Olivia

18 Sep

Olivia the Gerbil


Today’s featured rescue gerbil is Olivia, a lovely young agouti female who is at Small Pets-Big Hearts in Cheektowaga, New York.

If you can help Olivia and her sister Casey find a new home, please visit Olivia’s Petfinder page.


Featured Rescue Gerbil: Hazelnut

30 May

Hazelnut, available for adoption at Morris Animal Refuge

Hazelnut, available for adoption at Morris Animal Refuge

UPDATE: Hazelnut has been adopted!

Today’s Featured Rescue Gerbil is Hazelnut, a handsome Burmese gerbil who is at Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hazelnut’s owners had to move and couldn’t take him with them.


Featured Rescue Gerbils: Sugar & Spice

17 Apr

Sugar & Spice the gerbils

Sugar & Spice the gerbils

UPDATE: Sugar & Spice are no longer looking for a home.

The new Featured Rescue Gerbils are Sugar & Spice, who are at My Hope’s In You Small Animal Rescue.

According to their Petfinder page, they are both very tame and friendly. They’re used to handling by a 10-year-old at the rescue, and they are happy to take treats from your hand.

Sugar and Spice are in Poughkeepsie, New York.


Featured Rescue Gerbil: Stella

03 Apr
Stella from Small Angels Rescue

Stella from Small Angels Rescue

Meet Stella, a beautiful black gerbil who is waiting at Small Angels Rescue to find a home.

Small Angels has tried to pair Stella up using the split-cage method, but she hasn’t wanted to accept a friend. Since Stella is living alone, she will need someone to adopt her who can give her lots of extra time and attention.

Stella looks like a real sweetheart, and it would be great to see her go to a home where she can get lots of attention and love. If you’re in the Frederick, Maryland area and can help Stella find a home, please visit Stella’s Petfinder page.

UPDATE: As of May 30th, Stella is still looking for a home!