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Thank you for your patience. I know this poll and several other site updates have been behind schedule lately. I've had an injury to deal with lately, and it's slowed down site updates a bit. I'll do the best I can to keep up with updates.

You'll find the results of the most recent poll below. We also have a new poll question. This time, we'd like to know if you got good advice from the people you adopted your gerbil from. I hope to have your results posted the weekend of February 17th through 18th.

This Week's Question:
Results Of Last Week's Poll:

Do your gerbils run in an exercise wheel?
Yes, my gerbils love their exercise wheel!

No, I haven't tried giving my gerbils an exercise wheel.

Yes, they love running in the wheel now, but it took them a while to learn.

No, my gerbils don't understand what to do with their wheel.


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